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Garage Door Repair in Hercules, CA

Our team at Garage Door Repairs in Hercules, California is confident they can help you with all your garage door needs today. Our techs are trained and able to make any garage door repair that’s needed along with new garage door installations.

We Make Garage Door Repairs

When you have a garage door it is important to check several parts regularly for any kind of damage. You can check these parts on your own for:
  • Garage Door Cable - After years of working, a garage door is capable of breaking down, which means you may have to use force in getting it up and down.
  • Garage Door Roller Replacement - Rollers are at the bottom of a garage door and will need replacing if they are completely worn down.
  • Springs - A spring replacement is not just anyone job. Since the pressure of a spring torsion is so high, it requires a professional to replace it.
The parts that are listed need to checked regularly so they can be replaced as needed. When our techs come out to do the job, they will also check all other parts for rust and damage. We always stress that it is important that all your parts work together so that your garage door works properly. By doing so, it will save you money in the future towards repairs.

Sometimes It Is Better To Call A Professional For Help

For some jobs calling a professional the first time around could save you tons. There is nothing wrong with needing a little extra help with repairs. When calling us we can get you as quickly as possible and troubleshoot the problem, so we can fix you up fast. It doesn’t matter what kind of garage door repair you are needing, we can help with everything including installing a new garage door as well. We urge you to call a professional for repairs, cause a lot of the repairs are dangerous to do by yourself. Our techs will also grease all the parts on the door after making your repairs.

Why It’s Important To Regularly Service Your Garage Door

We try to install in all of our customers how important it is to keep your garage door service. By having a tech service your garage door, it keeps your parts up to date while also keeping them in great working condition. While they are servicing your door, they will tell you if they have any other concerns about your system. Here is a list of things you can check yourself before calling a professional.
  • Check your door to make sure the reason for the issues you are having are not due to it being off-balance.
  • Always keep the batteries changed out regularly.
  • Make sure the eye on the doors are working properly by walking through to see if it stops like it’s supposed to.
These are just a few options to check for quickly by yourself, but a tech can help you troubleshoot if you are not having any luck finding the problem.

Do You Have An Emergency?

No likes to have an emergency pop-up, but if you do, we can get there in no time to help you out with the problem. Like we have said many times, it doesn’t matter the garage door problem you are having, we can fix it. So if there is any time you have an emergency, call our team as soon as possible.

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Our team at Garage Door Repair is waiting to hear from you. We’re devoted to taking care of our customers. Call us today!

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